Winemaking Process

  • Choose a wine you like. Unsure? We can assist you with finding a wine that suits your taste.
  • We pour the juice and you sprinkle the yeast.
  • Wait 4, 6 or 8 weeks for your wine to be ready. There are many steps in making wine properly and the time it takes us to complete your wine depends on the quality of product chosen
  • We call you when your wine is ready to bottle and you make a half hour appointment to bottle and take your wine home.
  • We will help you bottle your wine (with your permission), help dress it up with labels and shrink tops and help load your new wine in your car.
  • Let your wine age.
  • Uncork a bottle, have a glass or two and enjoy.

For wine kits made in store the vin on premise fee is an additional $55.00 including corks and taxes.