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 J&J Wine Cellars
We have been Wine Central customers since we moved here and have been extremely pleased with both the quality of the wine and the customer service.  We have made mostly Limited Edition wines and find these of very high quality.  We even won a blind tasting against commercial wines among friends with the Bourbon Barrel wine.  The staff are very helpful and friendly.  Our biggest problem is giving the wine time to age.   It just doesn’t stay on the wine rack long enough in our house.  Like our most recent label said – “Save Water.  Drink Wine” ~ August 2020

Marnie & Stu
We have been customers of Wine Central for the last 10 years.  We have been very pleased with the service and quality of the wine we have bottled there. ~ August 2020

June Dawe
I have been dealing with Wine Central for many years, perhaps 20.  I have always been very pleased with the many wines I have tried.  The owner and staff have always been a pleasure to deal with.  My dog “Penny” always felt very welcome and loved to get a treat.  Keep up the good work. ~ August 2020

As a very satisfied customer of Wine Central I encourage you to take a few minutes to visit their facility and staff to discover how easy it is to make great low cost wines that will impress your friends and family.  I have purchased close to 25 excellent Red Wine kits that have literally blown me away with wonderful flavors.  If you allow these wine kits to age they will meet and exceed most local wineries highest priced wines for a fraction of the price.  I have been exceptionally happy with the quality, flavor and value recommendations that Maria and Lynne have made over the years.  Take the challenge and save yourself some money. ~ July 2020

Gerry and Terri
Gerry and I have been coming to Wine Central since 2008.  We have ordered many wines both red and white and all have been delicious.  We shall continue bottling wine with Wine Central for years to come.  The staff is absolutely fabulous.  Maria is very knowledgeable and the new owners, Lynne and Jeff, are also lovely people.  Cheers! Salut! ~ July 2020

Vic and Linda Sladen
We’ve been dealing with Wine Central now for a few years and find the service phenomenal.  Lynne and Maria always provide us with great ideas and make bottling our wine a fun experience.  The wine is so good we keep coming back and look forward to the newsletters to inform us of anything new.  Thanks for a wonderful experience. ~ June 2020 

Nicole M.
We have been going to Wine Central for a couple of years and have nothing but amazing hings to say.  The staff is incredible and so accommodating.  They helped me find our favorite wine and we keep coming back for more.  Thank you! ~ June 2020

David and Trudy Hektner
David and I moved to Kelowna a few years ago and we were told about your store, how nice the folks are and the wine.  It is a pleasure to come into the store and get smiles from Maria, she is always so upbeat.  Lynne, when we first heard about different owners coming in we were a little worried, but we didn’t need to do that at all, you are so easy to talk to.  Lynne and Maria you have done a wonderful job in the store, looks so good!  We look forward to coming in and ordering wine, to have some good laughs.  Keep the good work up! ~ June 2020

Marilyn and Nino
This is our 10th year of making wine with Wine Central.  We have always enjoyed the experience and loved our wine.  But our wine challenge came with our daughters wedding last fall.  Wine Central guided us through the wine selections, the amounts and even the bottles.  They helped us pick gorgeous labels to commemorate this special event.  The guests enjoyed the wine and the bottles looked lovely on the tables.  We highly recommend Wine Central for any special event you may be planning. ~June 2020

Joan Martin
Most impressed! After 11 years, still the best service and friendly people.  Thank you! ~ June 2020

Sherry K. 
Although change is often difficult, the new owners of Wine Central have made a smooth transition.  They have completed attractive renovations to the store and have maintained the knowledgeable, efficient and friendly customer service we have been accustomed to. ~ June 2020

Denise Brennan
You guys did an amazing job of keeping up with the full wine process during this Covid period.  Thank you ever so much! I commend you for the fabulous customer service you provide and love your wines, especially the new releases. ~ June 2020

Carol and Jim Ursel
We have been using Wine Central for many years and have never been disappointed in either the wine or the personal. Congrats for doing such a great job. ~ June 2020

Patti Cook
I started going to BrewTech before Katherine took over as owner – on her recommendation! They made the best wine. Now, Katherine’s taken over, it’s Wine Central and look out! It’s fun, affordable, and the wine is better than ever! I’m really enjoying the special recipes she and Rod have created to make my wine truly my own.

Lori Unger
Katherine – I’ll admit I was apprehensive – maybe even pessimistic about how the outcome of my wine would be. I readily admit I’m picky when it comes to my white wine. I am thrilled beyond words to tell you the Gewurztraminer I just bottled is FABULOUS!! Too embarrassed to tell you how many we’ve gone through in 4 days! Be back today to get another one (or 2) started.

John and Jean Watson
John and I have been making wine now for about 3 years at Wine Central. We are so proud to bring out our own wine when we serve guests. No one can believe this is our home made wine and not bought at the store. We are always so happy to tell them it is indeed our own Watson Estates Wine made at Wine Central.

The service is top notch and always smiles from Katherine and Rod and the other staff members. It is always exciting to wait and see what Katherine is going to introduce to her delightful line of wine choices.

John and I will continue to make our own wine through Wine Central and will be happy to give away our awesome secret of our delicious home made wines for many years to come.

Dr. Brett Wade
As a wine enthusiast, I have done it all. I have crushed my own grapes, made my own kit wines, made wine from freshly pressed juice and of course, had wine made for me at several different establishments. Upon recommendation, my wife and I decided to try Wine Central. I had become used to the routine of ordering the wine and returning several weeks later for bottling but right from the moment we came in and met Cosette and her team, we knew things were going to be different.

The most impressive and unique aspect of Wine Central is the staff. Not only are they knowledgeable but they genuinely seem to love what they do. I had become used to booking a whole day for bottling at other businesses but at Wine Central, the friendly and helpful staff not only made the process extremely efficient but enjoyable. We can’t wait to try the Amarone!

Great wines and great people makes for a first class experience! We done Wine Central – I am a fan.

Paul & Culleen
Right from the start, Wine Central impressed us with their professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence in their product, but the friendly, knowledgeable staff made it an excellent experience. Combined with years of expertise, Wine Central has mastered the art when it comes to wine kits and offers incredible wine selections. Outstanding, fabulous and tasty are just a few words that come to mind! Can’t wait to receive this year’s limited editions! We would highly recommend Wine Central to anyone who wants to make “Great wine in small batches”! Looking forward to “Years of Cheers” to come!

Jean & Geoff
For many years, we made extremely good wine at home in Alberta using premium wine kits from Winexpert. Imagine our delight when we moved to Kelowna and found we could make the same excellent wine at Wine Central using their expertise, equipment and premises. It’s so much easier, the results are better than ever, and there’s a huge selection of high quality Winexpert bodied red wines made with grape skins, and the limited editions available each year – an excellent way of building up your cellar. The only thing better than the award winning wines is the customer service at Wine Central. They are true experts and they treat their customers like VIPs. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Dale Knowlan
Thank you Wine Central for helping us make wine with no mess and no fuss. Having made wine at home, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the time we spent with your friendly staff bottling and labeling our wines. It was an event, not a chore; the most difficult task was initially trying to decide which of the many tempting varieties to choose. The professional labels and wrappers added the finishing touch, and I am looking forward to enjoying the wine with family and friends.

David Melse
Having never been to a wine kit store before, I really didn’t know what to expect – and to be honest, I had experienced some very average u-brew wine in the past.
Katherine and the Team at Wine Central could not have reassured me more. They’re friendly, professional, knowledgeable and passionate about their product. Once it came time to bottle, I received a reminder call. With the bottling process, once again my expectations were surpassed. It was quick and simple – and upon sampling the wine I could not have been more impressed.
I no longer buy $15 bottles at the store when I can get far superior wine from Katherine at a fraction of the price. (Usually works out to under $7.00/bottle which would be the equivalent of a $25+ store bottle.)
It is my pleasure referring any wine lover – or any wine consumer for that matter – to Wine Central, as I know they will be taken care of.

Nicole and James
This is a LONG overdue thanks, and well earned kudos to Katherine and Wine Central and the beautiful art they create.

James and I have been enjoying the products Katherine crafts in her shop for nearly 3 years and have been impressed with everything we’ve experienced there. However, the real coup d’etat, piece de resistance and cherry on top were the 6 varietals we had made for our September 2009 wedding.

Katherine was promised a testimonial based on the huge success and massive popularity of the wines served, but naturally… busy, busy, busy got in the way and the testimonial was never written. However, since the wedding, and the stalling of the letter, the TRUE identity of our wine fans revealed themselves… wine snobs, wine-eaux’s, whiners, wine rookies, and the “I don’t normally drink wine” people have all requested more and MORE of that delicious wine we served at the wedding! People are STILL asking and talking about what fantastic wine was served!

So please, raise your glasses in celebration of the award winning wine made at Wine Central where great wine is yours for the making—of memories and lasting impressions—guaranteed!

Thank you so much!

Dayle Mitchell
When I moved to Kelowna I knew nothing about making my own wine. Now 2 years later with the help of Katherine, Rod and staff at Wine Central I have learned and am continuing to learn not only about different wines but how much fun it can be.

The staff has gone above and beyond what I call good customer service lending professionalism, knowledge and a ‘whatever you need’ attitude to my experience there. The premises are clean, decorative and fun! I would and have recommended Wine Central to all my friends.

Dave Lytton
David and Dani had their second anniversary on Friday and he brought over a bottle of Road 13, a 2007 Merlot from Golden Mile Cellars. The “wine guy” at LCB said it was the best wine in the store for the price range ($23.99). No question, it was delightful. We then followed that up with an October 08 Stag Leap Merlot and we did not take a step back. Just as delightful!

Tamara and Allister Jones
My wife Tamara and I were skeptics about making our own wine until we toured Wine Central and were impressed with Katherine and Rod’s expertise. They matched and even exceeded one of our favorite bottles of Spanish Rioja’s quality and taste. We’ve since bottled several batches from Cabernet Sauvignons, to Sauvignon Blancs which have all been wonderful.

Having two young girls under the age of 5, it’s difficult to find time to get to Wine Central to bottle our wine without them, so we’ve brought them every time to Katherine and Rod’s open arms where they were very welcoming and fun with our entire family.

We can’t match the high quality and low prices anywhere else in town.

Arlene Rannelli
I have been making wine at Wine Central for over two years now and I am always impressed with the quality of the end product I receive. The wines taste great and the bottles look lovely. The staff of Wine Central is very professional, engaging and efficient. I can be in and out of Katherine’s shop within 30 minutes with two batches of wine loaded securely into my vehicle.

Katherine is very knowledgeable about wines and consistently wins medals for the wines she produces. Every time I have guests over to my home or I bring Katherine’s wine to their homes, they ask where I had it made. They end up as clients of Katherine’s as well.

When I was first introduced to Katherine, I told her the names of the wines I enjoyed from the liquor store and she selected the kits that most closely matched the flavors I prefer. The wines turn out just the way I like them every time.

I highly recommend Katherine and Wine Central for great wines, every time, guaranteed!

For wine kits made in store the vin on premise fee is an additional $55.00 including corks and taxes.