What are Wine Diamonds?

Wine Diamonds are tiny crystalline deposits that occur in wines when potassium and tartaric acid, both naturally occurring in grapes, bind together to form a crystal.

Do Wine Diamonds Affect Wine Quality?

No.  Actually, tartrate crystals are seen by winemakers and sommeliers as a sign of quality, including that the wine was not over processed.

Will Wine Diamonds Affect the Flavour of My Wine?

No. Wine crystals never impart an unpleasant taste

What Do Wine Diamonds Look Like?

Their appearance is like crystalized sugar granules or crystal shards as they fuse together.  They could also take on the look of a powdery white substance at the bottom of a wine bottle.  The crystals can also stick to the bottom of the cork.

Wine Diamonds are in my Bottle of Wine, How do I keep Them Out of my Glass?

Decanting or using an aerator with a screen works very effectively.

Avoiding Wine Diamonds

Wine Diamonds occur when wine is stores at cold temperatures.  Avoid Temperatures below 15 C or 60 F.  Avoid leaving wine in a cold care, garage, directly on a cement floor or cold storage.  This can affect the stability of wine allowing Wine Diamonds to form.